Introducing New Member, pETH18C

Greetings from Mars Team,
Let’s welcome pETH18C in the house!

Mars Project, aiming at building up a hashrate trading platform with best price and depth always. The inclusion of pETH18C would sure enrich protocol matrix and bring incremental value. Users from different geological area and with different purposes, can share the exact same liquidity here.

No private placement and no plan for second batch so far, limited supply on mining rigs especially on those most advanced machines. Soon people will find out that Mars is the only place to acquire hashrate at reasonable price.

Key takeaways:

* pETH18C unit price: 30 USDT

* Each pETH18C represents 1MH/s ETH hashrate

*Electricity fee on pETH18C: $0.075 per kWh

*Mining pool fee: 1% (PPS+)

*pETH18C contract address:

*pETH18C<>USDT LP contract address:

Following the naming scheme behind pBTC35A, we have given our ETH hashrate token the name pETH18C. Each pETH18C is backed by 1MH/s of ETH mining power. With ‘p’ standing for Proof of Work (PoW); ‘ETH’ indicating the coin it mines; ‘18’ pointing to the efficiency of the mining rigs backstage, which is 1.8 W/M, no doubt the best of its kind on the market; and lastly, ‘C’ implying the level of power cost, which is $0.075 per kWh.

1,000,000 pETH18C (equivalent to 1TH/s ETH mining power) for this batch on Mars Project website. Can buy it on Poolin Wallet in the very beginning (download link:

Newly added features:

1. For better user experience, we have combined the “purchase”, “approve staking” and “staking” into one button. By doing this, users pay less gas fees.

2. The initial offer of pETH18C will allow users to lockup their pETH18C for a short term in exchange of a discount on the purchase of pETH18C. In this case pETH18C would be automatically staked to the ETH Platinum01 pool for mining ETH and earning MARS. Two lockup schedules will be available at the time of purchase, “7-day Lockup” (7-day linear unlock after 7-day lockup, 5% discount), “14-day Lockup” (14-day linear unlock after 14-day lockup, 10% discount)

3. Two more pools appearing on Mars Protocol, single asset pool ‘ETH Platinum01’ (with 1X MARS rewards) and pETH18C<>USDT Uniswap LP pool ‘ETH Platinum01 LP’ (with 6X MARS rewards)

4. For the unstaked pETH18C, corresponding ETH gains would flow into Mars Diamond03 pool which would strengthen yield on this one. For your information, ETH and wBTC earning in this pool would be settled in wBTC only, every 10 days

We are looking forward to the upcoming pETH18C and the development of the Mars project, which is the result of the participation of the Mars community. We hope more and more of you will join the journey TO THE MARS!

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