[Mars-1] approved by community

Firstly, glad to announce [Mars-1]proposal has been approved by community.
Link: https://snapshot.page/#/marsproject.eth/proposal/QmV9ahPhnxZkWGSRHk6mrzaMmJjgkbyJMpnXgqtWWJ4Gpa

Opening the book of community governance.

Which means team can proceed on the price pegging upgrade, a fairer mechanism to pBTC35A holders. The price shown in inhouse store will be strictly pegged with the 4h twap on Uniswap continuously, engineering team now working on it and expecting to implement in days. Will update when ready

What’s Mars Project in the end?

pBTC35A, a first batch standardized 1TH/s hashrate backed token, underpinned by physical miners in Sichuan. Output of wBTC only relies on two things: bitcoin daily twap price and worldwide hashrate. Holders can easily calculate its intrinsic value by real time bitcoin price. For example, if bitcoin price dropped to 20k while worldwide overall hashrate above 150EH/s still, pBTC35A price would tank but can still be acute calculated how much wBTC being generated per block and decide if buy the dip.

A better choice for Bitcoin maximalist, as pBTC35A price would be skyrocketing if bitcoin price to da moon.

About Mars Project V2

The Mars team has evolved on V2 upgrade issues awfullly quickly. The goal is to bring centralized finance methods onchain, merging it all in Mars Project. Therefore we sincerely believe the MARS token will take a more pivotal role in the upcoming future.