MARS in Onsen

Two more pools debut on Mars Protocol:
1. Single token pool — MARS Diamond03, stake MARS, earn wBTC
2. MARS<>USDT Sushi LP pool — MARS Diamond04 (SLP), stake SLP, earn MARS (4X)
Check it out at

On MARS Diamond03, “freelance” wBTC would be distributed from BTC Gold01 (LP) directly at a flexible ratio (for example, now pBTC35A freelance/LP = 2659/26199=10.15%). The ratio would be adjusted every 10 days, while users can claim wBTC reward from Diamond03 anytime.

Besides, team would add “total staked MARS amount” and “wBTC balance in pool” onto the farming page which enables realtime data showing up.

On MARS<>USDT Sushi LP hand, stake SLP gain MARS. Further development of double staking(MARS and SUSHI) is on the way.

Mars team now working on integration with not only Sushiswap and top-tier DeFi protocols, but also on bridging mining&financial institutions into the eco-system.



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