More pETH18C & pBTC35A on the table

Hope all is well, Marsians!

Ethereum massive network upgrade, the one that everyone is waiting for, is well on its way. The transition from PoW to PoS will mark the end of PoW machines on Ethereum mining. Apparent impact on pETH18C for sure, as its underpinned asic machines (including current pETH18C balance and incrementals) would be useless once ETH 2.0 officially launched.

However for miners, better not skip the time window after EIP-1559 implanted. In this case, we see miner’s ETH earnings dropping 15–20% in the new balance while the potential deflation may trigger much more spike on ETH price.


Firstly the impact from incremental computing power capacity. InnoMiner A11, Bitmain E9 and Pollo miner gradually coming out in 2H21, our research model shows that network total hashrate is likely to reach 800TH/s in year end. Which means the output in single unit would likely plunge nearly 35%.

Also, very painful if earlier PoS merge than expected. Regardless of recent core member’s stance on twitter, consensus PoS transition timing would still be next year if no more delay by unexpected events.

Gaming zone

At this very moment, buying ETH hashrate is more like a synthetic trading pack. Trade on the gas fee soaring by market speculating on Doge, Shib and other memes. For example in previous few days the static payback period being shortened to 100days by rising “tips” (rare chance for miners); bet on the PoS transition timing, earning big big bucks if it delays to 2022; Long ETH price, even when ETH new mining rigs online, it’s quite easy for miners to cover it if ETH up 60% more. Major crypto institutions raise TP to $7,000-$12,000, a conviction buy with the deflation expectation.

A new tool to trade the world!


Hashrate certificate demands resilient a lot lately, users rushing into and Poolin wallet inquiries and asking when will the new batch coming out. In this low-return landscape (pBTC35A static APR below 65%), looming BTC hashrate tightened supply expectation might be the main driver of inquiries. Team now on the built-in rynthm of both hashrate purchasing and new releasing, will also bring more exciting detail rules of Mars governance and tokenomics soon.

Details of new added batch:

200,000 pETH18C (equivalent to 0.2TH/s), official price at 35U/unit, 10% off if select 14days lockup

80,000 pBTC35A (equivalent to 80PH/s), official price at 160U/unit, 10% off if select 14days lockup

Meanwhile team will carry part of new added certificates onto Poolinwallet to meet the urgent demands from those who are sensitive of gas price by uniswap trading

Mars team