Updates on Governance Proposal [MIP-4]

Hi Mars residents,

The vote to remove 2X MARS rewards from MARS Diamond02 LP (MARS<>BAC LP) and relocate the rewards to BTC Gold01 LP (pBTC35A<>USDT LP) passed overwhelmingly, with unanimous approval:

The proposal [MIP-4] can be viewed at:

The implementation of [MIP-4] went live at 12:00 a.m. (UTC+8) on March 1st, 2021, at which time users of the MARS Diamond02 LP pool have been ceased to receive MARS rewards and that certain portion of MARS rewards have been migrated to the BTC Gold01 LP pool, as proposed. Complementary to the change, the UI of ‘Farming’ page on mars.poolin.fi has been adjusted accordingly. MARS Diamond02 LP pool, ‘Withdraw’ and ‘Claim’ buttons has retained for users to withdraw the staked LP as well as claim MARS, whereas ‘Stake’ button has been removed as it serves nothing for now.

Since then, the rate of MARS rewards for BTC Gold01, BTC Gold01 LP, MARS Diamond01 LP, MARS Diamond04 SLP are 1X, 6X, 4X, 4X, respectively.

The detailed data of MARS distribution rate could also be retrieved at https://etherscan.io/address/0xa8b12cc90abf65191532a12bb5394a714a46d358#readProxyContract, for instance, the serial number 31, ‘stakingRewardRate’ indicates the precise amount of MARS (0.677083333333333333 MARS, 18 decimals) being distributed to the BTC Gold01 per second.

We think of the community as part of our team and appreciate all of the support you’ve continued to give to us! For more information on Mars project, please reach us on Telegram, ‘Mars official’ https://t.me/marsproject1.

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