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First we would like to thank you for the kind support & understanding you have shown us in the last couple of days.

Second, apparently team would not bring more supply in inhouse store anymore.

The Ethereum (ETH) hashrate token may come out when V2 upgrade is done, no firm schedule yet.

Here is the thing, the Mars team aims at building a standardized hashrate platform which can be governed by the community with earnings being distributed to the community as well. While the team would dedicate themselves to act till the full picture has been painted. …

Firstly, glad to announce [Mars-1]proposal has been approved by community.

Opening the book of community governance.

Which means team can proceed on the price pegging upgrade, a fairer mechanism to pBTC35A holders. The price shown in inhouse store will be strictly pegged with the 4h twap on Uniswap continuously, engineering team now working on it and expecting to implement in days. Will update when ready

What’s Mars Project in the end?

pBTC35A, a first batch standardized 1TH/s hashrate backed token, underpinned by physical miners in Sichuan. Output of wBTC only relies on two things: bitcoin daily twap price and worldwide hashrate. Holders can easily calculate its intrinsic value by real time bitcoin price. For example, if bitcoin price dropped to 20k while worldwide overall hashrate above 150EH/s still, pBTC35A price would tank but can still be acute calculated how much wBTC being generated per block and decide if buy the dip. …

Guidance for the first Ethereum-based, decentralized standardized hashrate protocol

Mars Project combines standardized hashrate product and liquidity mining together, packing POW mining into an on-chain protocol.
It provides a consistent POW mining output which could be acutely calculated in the very beginning, offering an edge for users on mining stability. No more complicated variables on daily mining from now on.
On the other hand, MARS token would be distributed to users in this project. Earning reward from staking and liquidity providing (LP), shorten the distance of DeFi to Bitcoin community.

What is Mars Project

The protocol consists of pBTC35A tokens and MARS token. Each pBTC35A token represents 1TH/s hashrate with pre-determined power ratio, mining rigs would be in Poolin Superhashrate’s custody during life cycle. While net profit on wBTC would be distributed per block. …

Mars Project

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