Fellow travelers, we are on a mission to boldly go where none have gone before, TO THE MARS!

“Behold! Gugulanna!”

Because an informed astronaut is a successful one indeed, we would like to highlight and answer a few questions that regularly come up in our astral-bound community.

In addition to being a governance token, Mars is the first defi token to divert the excess hashrate from unstaked tokens and route them to the Mars diamond pool. In order to receive revenue from hashrate, pBTC35A and pETH18C must be staked; traders who would like to speculate on price of pBTC35A and pETH18C, market make, arbitrage etc, have the advantage of liquid tokens, but forfeit their hashrate. Because Mars captures this revenue…


Lately, crypto mining operation in China has been informed to the immediate & termless suspension for inspections by local authorities such as the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) branches and the Energy Bureau. Consequently, almost all miners in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Qinghai are being forced to shut down one after another, an enormous number of mining rigs quit working, bringing the total network hashrate once falling below 100EH/s. In Sichuan, one of the largest hydro-based crypto mining hubs in mainland China, miners have just been informed as of late and even facing a more strict decree than…

Hope all is well, Marsians!

Ethereum massive network upgrade, the one that everyone is waiting for, is well on its way. The transition from PoW to PoS will mark the end of PoW machines on Ethereum mining. Apparent impact on pETH18C for sure, as its underpinned asic machines (including current pETH18C balance and incrementals) would be useless once ETH 2.0 officially launched.

However for miners, better not skip the time window after EIP-1559 implanted. In this case, we see miner’s ETH earnings dropping 15–20% in the new balance while the potential deflation may trigger much more spike on ETH price.

Bitcoin price surges back to 59k after a lukewarm momentum hovering at 52k. In miner market, team did not see any correction on unit price even when bottom dropped out to 50k. On the contrary, mining rigs quote price continuously rising due to the expectation of tightened supply in coming months.

Bitcoin mining is more friendly for institutions to stepping in by a lot of reasons, such as tangible assets, projected periodical cash flows… Especially when mining machines’ price has been rose slower than bitcoin spot price these days, institutions are likely switching to the laggards. …

Greetings from Mars Team,
Let’s welcome pETH18C in the house!

Mars Project, aiming at building up a hashrate trading platform with best price and depth always. The inclusion of pETH18C would sure enrich protocol matrix and bring incremental value. Users from different geological area and with different purposes, can share the exact same liquidity here.

No private placement and no plan for second batch so far, limited supply on mining rigs especially on those most advanced machines. Soon people will find out that Mars is the only place to acquire hashrate at reasonable price.

Key takeaways:

* pETH18C unit price…

Hi Mars residents,

The vote to remove 2X MARS rewards from MARS Diamond02 LP (MARS<>BAC LP) and relocate the rewards to BTC Gold01 LP (pBTC35A<>USDT LP) passed overwhelmingly, with unanimous approval:

The proposal [MIP-4] can be viewed at:

The implementation of [MIP-4] went live at 12:00 a.m. (UTC+8) on March 1st, 2021, at which time users of the MARS Diamond02 LP pool have been ceased to receive MARS rewards and that certain portion of MARS rewards have been migrated to the BTC Gold01 LP pool, as proposed. Complementary to the change, the UI of ‘Farming’ page on mars.poolin.fi has…

100,000 more pBTC35a on MARS now, subscribed by parties as follows: Three Arrows Capital, Hashkey Capital, Fenbushi Capital, FBG, IOSG, Ledgeprime and Mindfulness Capital and other individual investors. Both parties agree to lockup private placement amount for at least 30 days (from 11:00am Feb 8th, 2021 to 11:00am Mar 10th, 2021, UTC+8). Shall not, in any form, sell or transfer the Token, and can only deposit in pBTC35A Single Token Pool (BTC Gold01) or LP Pool (BTC Gold01 LP).

Private placement price range set at 97-100USDT from the very beginning, while set at 99USDT by refering uniswap spot price at…

Two more pools debut on Mars Protocol:
1. Single token pool — MARS Diamond03, stake MARS, earn wBTC
2. MARS<>USDT Sushi LP pool — MARS Diamond04 (SLP), stake SLP, earn MARS (4X)
Check it out at https://mars.poolin.fi

On MARS Diamond03, “freelance” wBTC would be distributed from BTC Gold01 (LP) directly at a flexible ratio (for example, now pBTC35A freelance/LP = 2659/26199=10.15%). The ratio would be adjusted every 10 days, while users can claim wBTC reward from Diamond03 anytime.

Besides, team would add “total staked MARS amount” and “wBTC balance in pool” onto the farming page which enables realtime data showing up.

On MARS<>USDT Sushi LP hand, stake SLP gain MARS. Further development of double staking(MARS and SUSHI) is on the way.

Mars team now working on integration with not only Sushiswap and top-tier DeFi protocols, but also on bridging mining&financial institutions into the eco-system.

What pBTC35A offers to users as an innovative standard token

  1. One stop mining, no more trivial operational issues
  2. Buy and Sell a piece of mining rig within an Ethereum block confirm, 24hours trading, good trading depth
  3. Cheaper electriciy price in China, accessible immediately
  4. Professional operation team in Sichuan and Xinjiang, dedicates to maximize mining output and extend lifecycle of miner

Below lists several photoes of our data center:

First we would like to thank you for the kind support & understanding you have shown us in the last couple of days.

Second, apparently team would not bring more supply in inhouse store anymore.

The Ethereum (ETH) hashrate token may come out when V2 upgrade is done, no firm schedule yet.

Here is the thing, the Mars team aims at building a standardized hashrate platform which can be governed by the community with earnings being distributed to the community as well. While the team would dedicate themselves to act till the full picture has been painted. …

Mars Project

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